About Me


Hi! I’m Louise Mercedes Frank, and I’m a translator gone copywriter who’s ehh... really good.

As a translator and word-nerd, I build a bridge between the original language of a text and its translated version. That bridge gets the meaning across safely and intact to the audience on the other side.

As a copywriter, I write texts that make the reader open, like, click, share or buy. Everything where you need to move an audience towards something – this is usually (but not exclusively) buying your product. You may have the coolest product in the world (maybe the product is even you yourself) but when it comes to selling the goods, it can feel like wearing boxing gloves when you’re trying to type out your exquisite, top-notch qualities. ‘Really good’ is not going to convince your customers that your product stands above that of your competitor. And even though nobody knows your product better than you – you are not always the best at communicating exactly what it does and what you get when buying it. I know – I wrote this about me page trying to make you think that my product is cool.

Believe me, I’d rather have written yours.


Call: (0034) 681 66 99 20

Email: louise@mercedesfrank.es



Send me an email and if possible the material, and I will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.


If you are looking for a different language other than the ones I offer, I will gladly help you find the right contact in my network of highly qualified colleagues.

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